A Scholarship Fund for Veterinary Students
Improving Veterinary Medicine in New England


  Veterinary Scholarship Trust of New England


          Attention 4th Year Veterinary Students

$5000 VSTONE Scholar Application Deadline

               is December 1st 2015 


        A Helping Hand

The Veterinary Scholarship Trust of New England is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial assistance to New England residents studying veterinary medicine.

Founded in 1958 through the foresight and generosity of the late Dr. Cornelius Thibeault, the fund has helped to support over 500 veterinary students with their educational expenses.

This aid is made possible by the support of individual veterinarians, various state veterinary associations, the New England Veterinary Medical Association, canine and equine groups, memorial gifts, rabies clinics and other giving individuals.

The cost of veterinary education has risen significantly in recent years and students are graduating with considerable debt.  The fund gives financial assistance to these students.  The importance and the need of the fund are now greater than ever.

The fund distributes the following scholarships and awards yearly:

    a. Four- Dr. Cornelius Thibeault Scholarships
    b. Dr. James and Pauline DeWitt Scholarship
    c. Veterinary Scholarship Trust of New England
    d. C. and A. Simons Scholarship
    e. E. and S. Windsor Scholarship
    f. John O. Myhre Scholarship
    g. Veterinary Association of North Shore Scholarship
    h. A number of general scholarships
    i. Dr. Frank Zak Award
    j. Dr. George Faddoul Award
    k. Valerie Bates Award

Veterinary students interested in applying for scholarships, please click here